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Dharma was my heartkitty.
 This site is devoted to her memory.

I was very blessed in that my first devon was my "heart kitty" Dharma.  She loved me more then I could ever imagine and more than I was prepared to love, yet through her outstanding love for me, I learned to give my heart to her as much as she offered it to me. Her time line on this earth was short, way shorter then she or I had anticipated. I miss her everyday in every way. In memory of Dharma my cattery name was changed to Dharma's. All my devon rex I believe are a gift from my precious Dharma. I believe she waits for me at the "Rainbow Bridge".

If you are looking for a very special *heart kitty* who is uniquely bonded just to you, then let Dharma's arrange the kitten for you.

"Heart kitty's", are a treasure that requires seeking -- and no expense is spared during the search. How do you know if you are seeking a "heart kitty"?

Consider this: Is how the cat looks most important to you? Or is the relationship you will have with the cat more important then looks? If looks are at the top of your list, then you need to find a cat who pleases your eye as much as your heart. But if your primary need is for a cat who loves you more than anything else in the whole world, even if the Devon turns out to be your least favorite body or eye colour, then you are seeking a "heart kitty". Be prepared to spend your time and resources on the search. Treasures are usually hard to find, but well worth the effort. Maybe you too will know the love that Dharma and I shared.

Ros Scott
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Owned by Devons for over 20 years
Promoting the welfare, education and knowledge of Devon's
Devon Rex Breed Secretary CCA


Home of :
  • #1 and #2 Devon Rex in Canada (CCA)
  • 7th and 14th All Breed National Champions (CCA)
  • 5th and 10th All Breed Region 1 Champions (CCA)
  • Noted breeder of multiple Grand Champions
New Champions..
We are pleased to announce Reign is now a double Grand Champion! Chatter is now a Grand Champion!


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To contact us please eMail:     
Phone: 1(289) 928-0848 EST

Breed Profiles and Associations

  • CCA  Canadian Cat Association - The Devon Rex
  • TICA  The International Cat Association - The Devon Rex
  • CFA  Cat Fanciers' Association - The Devon Rex
  • FIFe  Fédération Internationale Féline - The Devon Rex

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To contact us please eMail:     
Phone: 1(289) 928-0848 EST

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